Preorder the new record coming 2020

Hello, music lovers.

Welcome to my new website! Thank you for stopping by. The launch of this website is in conjunction with the soon to be release of my new solo record, Year Of The Dog, which I’m super excited about.

Right now, the album is recorded, with mixing, mastering, and manufacturing up next in the sequence of events.

To expedite the last part of the record making process, I’m taking in pre-sales. As you can see on this page, I’ve made a charming video that goes into this. If you are considering buying this record, I would ask you to consider pre-ordering it. It would help make this record come to fruition sooner than later. 

I’m proud of how this record is turning out. I think it sounds great and these songs have been fully realized. We’re almost finished.

Thank you in advance!

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